Anti-Wrinkle & Dermal Fillers

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Attractive woman at plastic surgery with syringe in her face

Many facial wrinkles occur when we use our muscles to make repeated facial expressions.

Anti-wrinkle injections are a great method to temporarily weaken the muscles for a more youthful appearance.

A small amount of anti-wrinkle product is injected using a fine needle into the muscles that need to be weakened.

Once the muscles are relaxed, you cannot contract and continue to make the undesirable facial expressions. Thus, the lines in your face gradually become smooth and new lines are prevented from forming.

Anti-Wrinkle injections can also be used therapeutically to treat TMJ disorder, teeth grinding and teeth clenching.

These conditions can all cause extreme pain and disrupt daily life.  Fortunately, they can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections, which relax the muscles that control the jaw (temporomandibular) joint.  The injections deliver targeted treatment to the source of the problem and allow you to enjoy your life free from pain.

Dermal Fillers

Tooth Whitening

As we age, the skin loses elasticity, volume and structural support which leads a deterioration in skin health and function, together with the formation of aesthetic defects such as deep lines, grooves and folds – especially around the mouth. In addition to this, our lips, which are one of the most prominent features of our face, begin to lose volume and become thinner and less defined.

Dermal Fillers are a treatment method that provide immediate structural support and improved skin conditioning, leading to the reduction of facial lines and improved skin health. Dermal Fillers consist of a substance that naturally occurs in our bodies and is therefore broken down by natural means and is hypo-allergenic.

Our Dentists have been specially trained by the world renowned Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA) to frame their artistry and provide a more comprehensive service to our patients.

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