Children’s Dentistry

children_dentistry_rightbox 2Most parents want the best for their children and this includes good oral health.

Good oral health is a critical part of your child’s overall health and their self esteem.

At Sensational Smiles Dental Clinic we pride ourselves on the special attention we give to children dentistry. We aim to ensure their experience with us is FUN!

Our office is child friendly and is equipped with the latest toys, games and movies. And it’s not just the toys and games that make our unique children’s dental experience, our exam rooms are open and friendly, and our staff have been trained to give children the extra caring they need to feel happy, safe and secure whether they are 2 years old or a teenager.

There is evidence to make us believe that a contributing factor in the progression of periodontal disease in young adults may be caused by a lack of oral hygiene they had as children.

Those people who maintain good oral health leading up to their teens are more likely to continue brushing and flossing than children who were not taught proper oral care.

A sealant is a plastic material applied to teeth, which hardens and provides a protective barrier against plaque and other harmful substances. Pit and fissure sealants can be used on children’s teeth.Back teeth are hard to clean and may be more prone to developing cavities in some children. Sealants may be applied to the back teeth to help protect them.


Visiting the dentist at an early age helps identify any problems in your child’s jaw growth and development as well as detecting any early signs of poor oral hygiene and decay. It is also important as it helps them to develop a positive relationship with our dentists from an early age.

Sensational Smiles Dental Clinic offers a complimentary dental exam for children up to the age of two. It gives our dentists a chance to check to see if there are any problems as those first teeth come in. And the sooner your child becomes accustomed to visiting the dentist, the more confident and comfortable they will be to come back, setting them up for a lifetime of good oral habits.


kidsroom4If your child has had an unhappy experience while receiving dental treatment elsewhere, our child-friendly atmosphere and friendly staff will erase any doubts or discomfort they may have about visiting the dentist.

Our dentists will take the time to explain everything to you and to your child using words they can easily understand in order to make them feel relaxed and comfortable while they get the care they need.

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