CEREC Crown & Bridge Restorations


A crown is one of the best ways to strengthen and protect teeth that are heavily filled, weakened or have darkened due to root canal therapy.

If one or more of your teeth have been lost, a bridge can be used to replace them. It is imperative to replace lost teeth to prevent your healthy teeth moving into the wrong position and causing a poorly aligned bite and a possible loss of more teeth. A bridge is an artificial tooth that is secured to the remaining teeth either side of the gap. This will help provide you with a new functioning tooth and a confident, complete smile.

Sensational Smiles Dental is pleased to introduce CEREC technology to our practice! This revolutionary same day crown system harnesses the combined efficiencies of digital imaging, cutting edge 3D modelling and a precision machine to create customisable dental restorations for all your prosthetic needs. What this state-of-the-art equipment offers is unparalleled speed and efficacy in the fabrication of lifelike prosthetic teeth and crowns.

You can look forward to better fitting prosthetics that conform more precisely to individual teeth structure for optimal comfort and aesthetics. Using the robust and durable all-ceramic materials, CEREC restorations mirror natural teeth and look very realistic. This is all done in a single appointment! So not only do you save time, the number of dental trips and related costs, but you also get to see the results immediately!

It is important to remember that even after protecting your teeth with a high quality, tooth coloured crown or bridge your natural teeth will still be susceptible to plaque and tartar build-up. Therefore, to ensure you maintain your Sensational Smile it is important to follow a regular at home brushing and flossing regime as well as attending your oral hygiene appointment every 6-12 months as advised by your dentist.

Implants are also an option for tooth replacement – please ask one of our team for more information.

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