Wisdom Teeth


wisdom_teeth_rightboxFor many people the thought of wisdom teeth removal represents a great deal of fear.

Your third molars commonly known as your wisdom teeth, are typically the last teeth to erupt in your mouth.

At Sensational Smiles Dental we strive to ensure all our procedures are performed with your comfort as our main priority. For all procedures carried out we ensure that you are adequately anaesthetised to make sure your experience is one that is pain free and comfortable.

In addition to local anaesthetic, we also provide intravenous sedation and penthrox amongst other options should they be required.

If healthy and functional, your wisdom teeth can be useful. However, there are also reasons why you may need to consider removing your wisdom teeth.

In some cases, your wisdom teeth are in fact healthy, but because of orthodontic treatment they need to be removed anyway. In other cases your wisdom teeth can become impacted, or only partially erupt through the gum in a misalignment.

Whether impacted or partially impacted your wisdom teeth can cause pain, swelling, and even infection of the surrounding gum. They can also put pressure on adjacent teeth which can result in permanent damage to these otherwise healthy teeth and their surrounding bone.

Sometimes, impacted or partially impacted teeth can also cause cysts within your jaw bone.

Wisdom teeth may also need to be removed because they are very hard to clean and may cause severe tooth decay.

Careful removal by an experienced surgeon will ensure as little post operative pain as possible and a speedy recovery.

Our experienced dentist will assess your teeth and discuss the best treatment for you including any risks that may be involved.

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