How to treat a gummy smile

Q:What is a Gummy Smile?
A: A Gummy smile is when a significant portion of the gums are visible when you smile. This can lead to a person feeling self-conscious when they smile.

Q: What causes a gummy smile?
A: There are quite a few causes of a Gummy Smile, but the most common cause is overactive muscles controlling the upper lip, this can be easily corrected with a simple injection.

Q:How does Dr Shehata fix this?
A: We will use muscle relaxant injections to improve your gummy smile. This is a procedure designed to reduce the elevation of the upper lip, giving a more attractive and symmetrical smile.
The quick and virtually painless procedure can be done in minutes. The procedure involves one injection into the muscles that elevate the upper lip. The treatment is only mildly uncomfortable and you will be left with tiny marks which will disappear in a few minutes. Ice is usually used to constrict blood vessels and therefore minimise the chances of bruising.

Q: How long will the results last?
A: Results will take effect at around 2 weeks and last 3-4 months in most cases.



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