Why do I need a Veneer?
Veneers are a great option to cosmetically enhance your smile. They are less invasive than a crown as the Dentist does not need to remove as much natural tooth structure in the preparation. Veneers are generally only used on the anterior teeth (front teeth). Veneers can be used to treat vertical or horizontal fractures within anterior teeth, help close unwanted gaps and can also improve the length/shape/colour of your teeth.

How long do they last?
If you have a resin veneer, they can last anywhere from 5 – 8 years+. Resin materials are porous, so over time they can absorb in colours from every day food and drinks we consume. They can also chip if unnatural force is applied (biting on pens, cracking nuts, grinding etc).
Porcelain veneers are a much stronger and aesthetically pleasing option. They can last up to 30 years with appropriate care. Porcelain will not stain or absorb in any colours and they are more resistant to chipping.


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