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What is the True Cost of Damaged or Missing Teeth?

Losing your teeth can have a dramatic impact on how you look and feel, not to mention your oral health. Even a single missing tooth can be very noticeable when you open your mouth to talk, eat or smile. Then over time, the gap itself can impact the structure of your jaw and face, further changing the way you look and impacting your self-confidence.


When you’ve got missing or damaged teeth, the type of teeth replacement you opt for can make all the difference to how you look and feel afterwards. While removable dentures solve the problem to some extent, they can still be uncomfortable and embarrassing and don’t provide the same biting force as natural teeth.


The result is that, while you might look more like the old you, you still won’t be able to eat and talk like you used to.

The Dental Implant

Dental implants are able to prevent all of those problems; by replacing the root of missing teeth, you can create a permanent replacement for missing teeth, restore your natural smile and regain your confidence.


Dental implants differ from other teeth replacements in that they replace not only the tooth itself but the missing root. The replacement root, a titanium screw, bonds with the jawbone to create an incredibly strong foundation for prosthetic teeth. What’s more, by replacing the root of the tooth, the jawbone is stimulated and further growth encouraged, supporting your facial aesthetics and your remaining teeth.

What is All on 4?

All on 4 implants are similar to conventional dental implants in that they replace the root structure of missing teeth. However, All on 4 is an innovative take on the same idea, positioning implants at a cleverly designed angle to avoid bone-deficient areas in the mouth and deliver maximum torque. The result is that instead of requiring eight or more implants to replace a full arch of teeth, only four are needed.


With All on 4, instead of having to wait months for implants to be complete, they can be placed in a matter of days. The All on 4 procedure is less invasive, requires fewer preliminary procedures, and is suitable for more complex cases. What’s more, the faster recovery time means that you can be back home and smiling in no time.

Who is Suitable For Dental Implants?

All on 4 is often suitable for more complex cases and is therefore a possible treatment option for anyone with damaged or missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost teeth due to injury, have gum disease, or if you have multiple missing teeth, All on 4 might be able to help. However, as with all treatments, your suitability can only be confirmed following a comprehensive examination.


To determine whether you are a suitable candidate for All on 4, your implant dentist will review your medical history, take x-rays of your jaw and remaining teeth and consider any lifestyle choices that might impact the success of treatment.


To find out if you are suitable for dental implant surgery, take our dental implant suitability quiz. Just answer a few questions and we will send your results immediately.

How to Choose an Implant Dentist?

There are lots of dentists who offer implant treatments which can make choosing between them incredibly difficult. However, it’s vital to understand what you’re being offered and to not make a choice based on cost alone. To ensure you get the best quality treatment, service, and results, you should always take the following three factors into consideration:

Dentist Training

While it’s relatively simple for dentists to take short courses to qualify them to place dental implants, that doesn’t mean that they are highly trained. When looking for an implant dentist, it’s vital to look for someone who is dedicated to implantology, has taken intensive postgraduate courses, and has focused their career on dental implants. This way, you know your dentist has the clinical, theoretical, and practical education required to offer high-quality treatment.

Experience of the Dentist

If dental implant treatment is just another service amongst many, there is no way for you to know how much experience your dentist actually has. What you need to look for is a dentist who performs dental implant surgery daily, has a wide range of practical experience, and has encountered a variety of different cases. By choosing an experienced implant dentist, you can be confident that regardless of the complexity of your case, you’re in safe hands.

Quality of Materials

It’s not just the dentist that makes a difference to your treatment outcome, the materials used are equally as important. You are well within your rights to question any potential dentist about your implants and where they’re manufactured. Your implants should adhere to Australian safety regulations and be made from high-quality materials. By checking this at the beginning, you can avoid complications caused by low-cost and inferior materials.

What Does it Mean to be a Dental Implant Expert?

While on the surface, all dentists offering implants may seem the same, that’s far from the case. A dental implant expert will dedicate their whole career to dental implants. Not only do they have the necessary training and experience, but they continue to learn, train and develop their skills.


A dental implant expert is a dentist who has dedicated their career to implantology and has trained and worked alongside some of the best in the field. The best implant dentists will be highly skilled and experienced in both surgical and cosmetic dentistry. This means they can accurately position the implants into the jaw bone, while at the same time, utilising their skills and knowledge as a cosmetic dentist to deliver a beautiful aesthetic outcome.


While there is always a risk of complications when it comes to any surgery, those risks are greatly reduced by a dental implant expert. Moreover, when you choose an implant expert for your treatment, you are far more likely to experience a successful treatment and your smile will be set in place for many years to come.

All on 4 at Sensational Smiles Dental

At Sensational Smiles Dental, we strive to live up to our name: delivering a sensational approach in everything we do. To do that, we know the most important thing is taking time to understand our patients so we can help them feel good about themselves, their health, and their smiles. That’s why we work in a purpose-built modern practice with a dedicated, professional team and a dental implant expert at the helm.

Our Ethos

At Sensational Smiles Dental, we strive to offer something different from other dental practices. We are dedicated to providing every patient with a unique and unparalleled experience that places wellbeing and satisfaction at the centre of everything. We elevate the patient experience to a new level of luxury and comfort while ensuring the patient journey is as seamless as possible.

Our Modern Practice

We believe that a purpose-built dental practice makes all the difference when it comes to delivering modern and innovative dental procedures. We’ve worked hard to blend state-of-the-art technology with comfortable and calm surroundings. The aim is to ensure that you receive an exceptional experience in the most welcoming of environments. From the soft lighting, muted colours, and aromatherapy in our reception areas to the state-of-the-art technology in our treatment rooms, your comfort is our top priority.

Our Innovative Technology

The latest technology comes as standard at Sensational Smiles Dental and is fundamental to enhancing the patient experience. We use technology to ensure we offer a pleasant and comfortable environment and to make all our treatments as fast, comfortable and effective as possible. Some of the key innovations we use include:

Digital X-rays

Our digital x-ray technology provides the most precise diagnosis, is safer than traditional CT scanners and allows for a more comfortable patient experience.

3D Smile Design

With our smile design technology, we are able to create 3D mock-ups of a patient’s future smile and our patients are fully involved in the smile design process.

In-House Imaging

Our digital platform allows us to instantly show patients their diagnosis or proposed treatment, share information with our team of clinicians and ensure a faster and more efficient level of communication.

Intraoral Cameras

These tiny pen-like cameras show a detailed picture of a patient’s mouth, enabling us to discover problems early on and deliver treatment that is less invasive and more cost-effective.

Same-Day Crowns

With our CEREC machine, we’re able to create dental crowns in-house; instead of traditional impressions, temporary restorations and a lengthy wait, our patients can have permanent crowns fitted conveniently in a single visit.

Lab Facilities

Our in-house dental lab allows us to be in complete control of patient care, offering bespoke cosmetic and restorative solutions, all handcrafted with the latest technology under the watchful eye of our experienced team.

Advanced Sterilisation

The use of pressurised steam in an autoclave enables us to remove all types of microbes and their spores, keeping our instruments sparkling clean and our patients safe.

All this technology comes together to allow us to provide meticulous attention to detail and control quality at every step of the way. Our patients are in our care throughout their treatment and the technology we invest in helps us to put their comfort as a top priority. Even our dental chairs are equipped with ergonomic features to ensure sitting back for treatment is as relaxing as possible.

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    Our Smile Coordinator

    To ensure the success of every All on 4 procedure, we have a dedicated Smile coordinator. Clare manages the entire process from the very first contact all the way through to the completion of the treatment. Clare has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years and is as warm and friendly as she is knowledgeable. She thrives on ensuring patients are happy and is always the first port of call for our All on 4 patients.

    Meet Dr Michael Shehata


    Dr Shehata understands only too well what it’s like to dislike visiting the dentist. A traumatic childhood experience has stayed with him to this day. However, despite his fear, he found himself doing a dental degree at Griffith University in Queensland and soon learnt the difference that dentists can make. Upon graduating and ranking 2nd in his cohort, he was made a member of the Golden Key Club for Academic Excellence and then moved to Sydney to work as an associate dentist for many of the leading dentists in Australia.

    Dr Shehata has dedicated not only his career but his personal time to his craft. He spent the first seven years of his career doing extensive courses and investing further in his education. After exhausting the courses in Australia, he looked overseas for implantology training and did everything in his power to train with the very best and hone his skills. He has completed the Brener Implant Institute Masters Implant Program, achieved a Masters in Oral Surgery and attended Dr Malo’s, the creator of the All on 4 technique, clinical residency in Portugal.


    When the opportunity presented itself for Dr Shehata to run his own purpose-built practice, he was determined to create somewhere comfortable that would cater to anxious people. Whether they hated the taste of mint, the sound of drills or the smell of a dental practice, he put measures in place to help. Aromatherapy, wireless headphones, soundproofing, needleless services, therapeutic anaesthetic and more are at the very essence of Sensational Smiles Dental.


    Dr Shehata loves implantology, carrying out the procedures and seeing the difference it makes to his patients’ lives and their ability to smile. He places implants every day, thousands each year and has seen every complication out there. He has learnt from best practice dentistry, evidence-based work, learning and listening to the industry gurus who he knows by name and continues to search for new solutions to his patients’ problems. What’s more, he’s heavily involved in mentoring and teaching programs for dental students across Australia. Education and patience have been at the core of his career from the start and form the very essence of Sensational Smiles Dental.

    Before & After images


    The Advantages of Dental Implants

    To ensure the success of every All on 4 procedure, we have a dedicated Smile coordinator. Clare manages the entire process from the very first contact all the way through to the completion of the treatment. Clare has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years and is as warm and friendly as she is knowledgeable. She thrives on ensuring patients are happy and is always the first port of call for our All on 4 patients.

    Long lasting

    Instead of having a temporary solution that is removable or becomes loose over time, dental implants can stay firmly in place for a lifetime.


    Not only do dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth, they function that way too, meaning you can eat, talk and smile with confidence.


    With a permanent solution, you can avoid the costs of replacement and repairs and are investing in your long-term health and happiness.


    By replacing the root structure of your teeth, dental implants encourage jawbone growth, supporting your otherteth and restoring your facial features.

    The Cost of All on 4

    Choose your treatment



    Upper or Lower All-On-4 + high aesthetic acrylic teeth + metal reinforced



    Upper or Lower All-On-4 + Immediate high aesthetic, high quality acrylic teeth + immediate titanium frame



    Upper or Lower All-On-4 + immediate Titanium substructure + Ceramic zirconium teeth Premium aesthetics and longevity

    All on 4

    All Consultations, X-rays and Scans:

    Your dentist will explain the implant process, including the surgical procedure and restorative work. They will address any questions or concerns you have about the treatment. This will help you understand your treatment options as well as any alternatives available. Your dentist can also provide an estimate of the total cost for each option so you can make an informed choice about how to proceed.
    Digital scans create a highly detailed 3D picture of your jawbone and teeth. This precise image enables your dentist to accurately identify any issues and recommend the best treatment plan. Scanning also lowers the risk of post-operative problems compared to traditional methods, by providing your dentist with detailed insights into your anatomy. This will give your dentist vital information for developing a personalised treatment plan.

    Smile Design:

    Your dentist will assess your individual needs and create a customised plan, an essential aspect of the All-on-4 dental implant procedure, to ensure accurate implant placement for the highest success rates, optimal positioning of the teeth for a beautiful aesthetic result, and the overall quality of your dental restoration.

    4 Dental Implants and Abutments:

    made by Nobel Biocare, a reputable industry-leading brand that meets Australia’s high safety standards. With Nobel Biocare, patients benefit from natural-looking results and long-lasting dental implants that are proven to last. Nobel Biocare gives you a reliable and trusted implant solution for regaining an attractive new smile.

    High-Quality Milled-Titanium Supported Bridge:

    The 4 implants act as anchors in the jawbone to securely hold the bridge in place. Crafted from durable metal, this bridge is designed to last. It strengthens your chewing and speaking abilities for improved functionality, while also providing a comfortable, stable and secure fit for all-day comfort.

    Dental implant

    Single or multiple teeth

    Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth. We offer a reliable solution for replacing missing teeth in a single surgery, avoiding multiple treatments. This allows people to restore their smile with a natural-looking result through a convenient and minimally invasive process.

    Optional premium add ons

    Upgrades are available for an optimal smile, feel and strength using the best materials.
    Discuss your options with our expert during your consultation.

    Optional Add ons from $5,000


    Titanium is an exceptionally strong yet lightweight metal, making it ideal for dental implant restorations. It can withstand extensive chewing forces over many years. 5-year guarantee on bridge and implants.


    Ceramic Zirconium teeth offer the ultimate in natural appearance and longevity. Their lifelike shade and translucency recreate the look of real teeth, while their durable ceramic construction withstands extensive chewing without fractures. It is also highly resistant to stains, ensuring teeth maintain their pristine whiteness for years of beautiful, confident smiles


    If the jawbone does not have enough density or volume to support 4 standard-sized implants, extra implants can help distribute forces better. Bone grafting is often required for dental implant procedures because the jawbone must have adequate density and volume to properly support and anchor the implant.

    Interest Free Payment Plans

    We understand that the implant treatment doesn't come without a high cost, which is why we do everything we can to help our patients to afford the investment in their smiles. We offer several interest free payment plans so that you’re able to have treatment straight away and then spread the cost into manageable payments.

    Accessing Your Superannuation to Pay Your Treatment

    We can even help you to use your superannuation against the cost of dental implant treatment and work in collaboration with Supercare to make the application process as simple as possible.

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