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Dining out on Dentally Friendly Foods

Many patients report to us that after a night out, their teeth get extremely sensitive the next morning. This is usually because of the frequency of intake of food and drink as well as the type. Generally, the frequency of eating and drinking makes more of an impact than the amount. The longer you sip on a drink or the slower you eat a meal, the more time the acidity of your mouth is increasing. This is what causes your teeth to feel sensitive the next day. Following a few simple steps can ease those morning blues!

Having the main meal instead of snacking throughout the night

Snacking frequently increases the time that the pH of your mouth is unbalanced. Well-being is promoted with main meals and in turn, less time the mouth is spent out of balance.

Avoid sugars and acidic beverages as much as possible

These will increase the acidity of your mouth.

Sensational smiles

Skull don’t sip.

Soft drinks and alcohol are acidic by nature, and so the faster these leave your mouth, the longer your mouth has to recover. 

Sipping water throughout the night.

This promotes the return of your mouth’s natural pH balance.

Drink through a straw.

This decreases the contact of acidity with your mouth

Don’t brush your teeth as soon as you get home!

If your mouth is still very acidic, this can react badly with the alkalinity of toothpaste. It would be best to wait 30 min from the time of your last meal/drink before brushing. If you can’t wait that long, the other alternative is to brush with water alone.