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Six steps to a whiter, brighter smile

The major culprits of stained teeth are coffee, tea, soft drinks, curries, red sauces and many other food and drinks we love. While we can’t eliminate these altogether, practices of the following habits will put you on your way to a whiter smile.

1.     Consume non-white food and drink in moderation

An awareness of the cause of staining can help in consciously reducing the food and drink we consume.

2.     Drink through a straw if possible

This is more applicable with the consumption of soft drinks. By drinking through a straw, contact between the soft drink and your teeth is limited, reducing stains.

3.     Flush your mouth out with water after eating non-white food or after drinking, especially coffee!

Drinking water after coffee and other coloured foods and drinks helps to eliminate any remnants of stain-causing coffee.

4.     Chew sugar-free gum

Chewing gum after soft drinks and smoking in particular helps to stimulate saliva flow so that any excess is flushed out from your mouth, leading to reduced staining.

5.     Regular dental cleans

Stains that are left untreated for long periods of time can become hard and tenacious, and attract more stain causing bacteria. With regular dental visits, stains are removed before greater issues arise.

6.     Teeth whitening under dental supervision.

Commercial dental whitening options may improve the appearance of teeth for a short time but this is only to a limited concentration and does not take into consideration systemic influences. Teeth whitening at Sensational Smiles Dental takes into account your dental and systemic health and is at higher concentrations for better, more long lasting results.