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Fissure seals – your armour against cavities!

Fissures & SealantsThe most common place for holes and decay to flourish is found in the pits and grooves of our chewing teeth (molars).

While we can’t see these teeth, they have vital roles in ensuring eating and speaking are carried out normally.

In order to protect these teeth, your Sensational Smiles Dental professional may advise fissure sealants.

What is a fissure sealant?

A fissure sealant is a tooth-coloured, plastic material that is applied to the pits and fissures of molar teeth.

Do I need fissure sealants?

Deep pits and fissures are not always accessible using a toothbrush and so a fissure sealant can help prevent holes from building up in these small areas.

If you feel that food commonly sits in your back teeth for a long time after you have eaten, this can indicate the need for fissure sealants. As long as bacteria from food is sitting in your teeth, holes are given the opportunity to form.

How are fissure sealants placed?

The tooth is first thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Next, a blue coloured material is placed in the areas to be sealed, washed and dried so that the seal is firmly adhered to the tooth.

The sealant is then applied and light-cured to harden.

Once placed, you shouldn’t feel any difference to your bite.

How long do they last?

A fissure sealant can last between 1-5 years, depending on diet and oral health habits