The Science Behind A Smile

Why do people smile? Because they’re happy! But did you know that the more you smile, the happier you will be?

As backwards as that sounds, psychology has taught us that we can almost trick the brain into happiness through the reaction to happiness that is usually smiling. Even a forced smile can contribute to decreased stress and even lowers heart rate.

Our brains are always looking for emotional cues from our surrounding environment. A smile forces your brain to look for happiness in your surroundings. An increased focus on positivity may be the protection many of us need from burnout and the overwhelming effects of day to day life.

A 1988 psychological study found that subjects that held a pencil between their teeth found cartoons funnier than those that did hold a pencil in their teeth. Why did this happen? Because a pencil in between your teeth forces your facial muscles into a smile. Conversely, if you were to hold a pencil through your lips, this would force your facial muscles into a frown, resulting in the onset of negative emotions.

While holding a pen in your teeth is one way to force a smile, we find that the SENSATIONAL glow of our patients’ teeth keep them smiling for much longer.

Come in for your own personalised SENSATIONAL smile with us for happier days!