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Crowns and Bridges

Many people will assume that a quick fix to a broken tooth is to get it filled. What most people don’t realise is that a filling will only fill an empty space to stop decay from spreading. A filling is made of plastic and is not as sturdy as your natural tooth structure. If a tooth is more filling than natural tooth material, then it is very likely that complications will arise from the immense pressure leading to stress fractures or the reoccurrence of decay.

What is a crown?

A crown is made of porcelain and acts as a helmet, encapsulating the entire tooth, giving it greater strength than if it were filled with usual plastic-like material. For heavily restored and root canal treated teeth, your Sensational Smiles Dentist may advise a crown.

How is a crown fitted?

In the past, fitting a crown required multiple appointments to ensure it was customised and

contoured to each individual tooth. At Sensational Smiles, we are equipped with CEREC technology that allows us to 3D print the perfect crown for you, all in one appointment for your convenience.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is the combination of two crowns adjacent to a space. The space is filled by a fixed bridge. A bridge is advisable when the two adjacent teeth would benefit from crowns so that a tooth is not unnecessarily restored for the sake of the adjacent space.

How long will a crown or bridge last?

A crown or bridge will generally last for 10-15 years but this all depends on oral health care,

including your at-home daily routine as well as routine hygiene visits.